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What do you do there?

People frequently ask what it is like to be a Lay Missionary at the Lived Theology School. It is not an easy question to answer as so many things happen in the life of the Mission. So many people to get to know, new and old. A rhythm of life to learn and adapt to. So many new things to learn about the Church, about the Mission itself, about what being a missionary entails, about an Orthodox sense of mission. What is given below is a glimpse of what we may “do” at LTS and the Mission (everyone's experience is different), but LTS is really about “being” and not just “doing”.


Lived Theology School – A School of service of the Lord

  • participation in Mission life and activities (see below)

  • participation in life and community of the Mission parish (see below)

  • weekly days of theological reflection

  • retreats outside Toronto

  • regular meetings with the Dean and Prefect of LTS

  • seminar days with professional theologians and others

  • community life at Lourmel (see below)

St. Silouan the Athonite Parish

Mentor to young choir members

  • Support young children who are joining the church choir, assist them in learning hymns; encouraging good behavior, maturation and growth into this positive role. Foster caring relationship with the children and their parents.

  • Co-leader and mentor to teenagers and younger children on summer camps, work project camps, and March break trips, weekly youth gatherings. Foster relationship with youth toward positive ends, encouraging them, creating and engaging in fun activities together.

Member of church choir

  • Participate in leading multiple services per week.

  • Attend regular choir practices by professional singer and choir director.

  • Sing alto and soprano parts proficiently.

  • Lead the alto section in complex musical pieces as well as long and complex church services.


Den Mother Lived Theology School

  • Live-in supervisory role in residential community house for refugees, students and formerly homeless persons.

  • Welcome residents and traveling guests,

  • hold house meetings,

  • organize regular community dinners.

  • Co-ordinate house food supplies

  • Help in resolving disputes and assist with basic needs. Go-to person and advocate. Direct any needed bed bug or other pest eradication.

  • Giving hospitality to members of the Mission community and of the parish


St. John the Compassionate Mission drop-in centre


Activities at the Mission

  • Co-managed community home (St Xenia House) for previously homeless, or precariously-housed persons, fostered a sense of community through shared meals, discussions, and relationship. Was responsible for holding weekly house meetings and helping to resolve interpersonal disputes between residents.

  • Gave tours of home to prospective residents, as well as facilitated move-in and move-out events.

  • Also participated in Out of the Cold winter meals program (breakfast, lunch and supper);

  • helped to run daily prayer services for the people of the drop-in center;

  • worked individually with persons from the drop-in center with the issues they were facing;

  • fostered relationships with people I met through the drop-in centre.

  • Attended staff meetings and helped with event planning

  • assisted in the running of daily programs at Drop-In

  • initiated new programs for kids and families

  • occasional office administration for the Mission

  • relief retail work for St John's Thrift Store

Companion for mentally ill person

  • Befriending mentally ill woman by means of phone calls,

  • home visits, outings, and sharing meals together.

    Befriended and assisted homeless mother of two to find housing

  • by driving her to different organizations,

  • advocating on her behalf,

  • drafting a case plan for her situation which we followed,

  • and temporarily accommodated her and her children while homeless, providing shelter and meals.

  • Maintained contact as long as possible.


Caregiver for Type 1 diabetic woman (Lourmel resident)

  • Provided emergency care for middle-aged diabetic woman.

  • Helped to monitor glucose levels and maintained awareness of woman’s behavior as an indicator of hypoglycemia.

  • In events of hypoglycemia, I administered sugar water or sweets if possible.

  • In the case of an emergency where this was not possible, I have called 911, and accompanied to the hospital when necessary.

  • In the event of a seizure, I have stayed with woman in the hospital to help ensure that as much care as possible be taken,

  • given encouragement to her

  • notifying her family doctor of changes in conditions, seizures and hypo events.


Family and Youth Program Coordinator

  • Researching, building, and maintaining a healthy food resource for families with dependent children.

  • Coordinating and facilitating an Adopt-a-Family at Christmas program for families in need.

  • Co-lead and ran a St. Nicholas Christmas event for families with young children, which included the procurement of live animals (!), a fog machine, and audio-visual equipment;


Volunteer Coordinator

  • Worked with recruitment organizations and members of my organization to

  • advertise for, screen, interview, and

  • train large numbers of volunteers for our drop- in center.

  • Built infrastructure for future volunteer recruitment, screening and acceptance based on seminars, research, the needs of the organization and best practices.


Tutor St. John’s Academy (Mission's tutoring program)

  • Tutored in after school program in English to three students,

  • whose grades increased significantly,

  • eventually enabling one student to move from applied courses to academic courses.


Founder and leader of Kidz Klub

  • initiated new club for local neighbourhood children

  • planned activities

  • co-ordinated volunteers

  • liaised with parents


St. Mary of Egypt Refuge

  • Assisted in numerous respites to the country for inner city persons.

  • Organized and coordinated themed retreats for participants of all backgrounds and statuses.

  • Coordinated and organized meditative and restorative retreats for traumatized and broken women.

  • Arranged transportation and meals for all participants.