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Theological Reflection Courses

Theological Reflection will be flexible in its approach and related directly to the knowledge and understanding each Lay Missionary brings with him/her. The structure of the learning and teaching will emphasize time for mutual discussion and reflection on the teaching materials and their application to your own experience of serving as a Lay Missionary.

The emphasis will be on deepening one's understanding of the fundamentals of Orthodox life and mission rather than an academic approach. Reflection Courses will take the form of modules and may include all or some of the modules below.

In addition to the modules there will be retreats (3 each year), seminar days and courses given by various members of the LTS staff and others in a community of learning and teaching.

Language: the normal language for teaching and learning is English


  • The Bible and the Poor - the scriptural understanding of poverty (25 hours)
  • Theology and the Poor - the teachings of the Fathers on poverty (25 hours)
  • Liturgical Theology and Practice (25 hours)
  • St John the Compassionate Mission - the history and philosophy of the Mission and the development of its service to the urban poor (25 hours)
  • History of the Church - an introduction to the key developments of the Church (30 hours)
  • The Life and teachings of St Maria of Paris (25 hours)
  • The Life and teachings of the Saints on Diakonia (25 hours)
  • The Orthodox Understanding of Mission (40 hours)
  • Mission and Care for Others - some practical aspects of service to the poor (20 hours)
  • Practicals - each lay missionary will undertake a specific supervised practical service at the Mission (35 hours)
  • Download LTS Modules (PDF)