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St Maria of Paris

The Lived Theology School is dedicated to one of the newest saints of the Orthodox Church. St Maria of Paris is well known for her philanthropic service to the poor but it is less well known that her house at Lourmel was also a centre for theological discussion and debate for theologians of the Russian emigration in France. It is this double aspect of active service and study combined with liturgy and community life that we wish to replicate here in Toronto.

More about her life and teaching can be found on the website of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship.

Mother Maria of Paris

We have not gathered for the theoretical study of social problems in the spirit of Orthodoxy but to link our social thought as closely as possible with life and work. More precisely, we proceed from our work and seek the fullest possible theological interpretation of it.
Mother Maria (1939)

Note: Mother Maria is standing 3rd from left behind the table.