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St Silouan Retreat with Paul Ladouceur at St Mary of Egypt Refuge

St Silouan Retreat

LTS students were involved in a retreat at St. Mary of Egypt Refuge on October 23-25, 2009. The students, along with other participants from around Ontario, were treated to a meditation on the life and teachings of St. Silouan the Anthonite by Paul Ladouceur – professor at Sherbrooke University, author and lecturer.

St. Silouan has a story of the transformitive power of God and the importance of love, particularly brotherly love in a Christian life. His most famous phrase, "Keep your mind in hell, and despair not", was discussed in depth. This near-contemporary saint would have remained unknown if it wasn't for a book of his teachings written by his disciple Father Sophrony.

The participants were led by Fr. John Jillions for the first ever liturgy in the new chapel at the Refuge. Participants used spare time for fellowship, prayer and exploring the beautiful grounds of the Refuge.