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New LTS Students from Western Canada

LTS opened its doors to our first students from Western Canada. Very quickly they have settled in to a routine of prayer, service, study and community life. A series of theological workshops have been setup and will be made available to outside students and others who are interested. No day seems to be the same and there seems to be no time to get bored. Our students are also involved in shaping the structure and the new relationship between the LTS School and the Mission. We still welcome applications.

Unlike the "weekend, do good for the poor", that can end up feeling like spiritual tourism, the students of LTS have this unique opportunity in North America to gain a "Wisdom of the heart", without which no real ministry with the poor is effective. This "Wisdom" cannot be learned by a crash course on "helping the poor". You have to live for sometime in community with them in order to begin to understand. We are happy that youth in Orthodox North America are realizing this and are giving their time, mind and money towards gaining this wisdom.