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Brothers / Sisters of Mercy at St John the Compassionate Mission

The Lived Theology School (LTS) at St John the Compassionate Mission has been receiving Lay Missionaries for the past few years. We now, in response to requests, wish to take this experience a step forward and to provide opportunities for those who wish to serve the Church and the poor as Brothers/Sisters of Mercy.

This is for those who having completed a period of formation in LTS, or with an equivalent suitable experience, wish to continue to live a life of compassion for a definite period of time; that can vary according to the willingness of the person seeking such a life. It is for at least one calendar year, or perhaps even several years.

These sisters and brothers of mercy will chose to live a committed Orthodox Christian life of work and service for the whole of the period of service agreed between the candidate and the Mission. This is neither monastic nor married life but a dedicated time of work and service to the poor and marginalized. It is also a time to learn and to grow.

This is an opportuinity to live a life fully immersed in the life, liturgy and ministry (diakonia) of the Church. The sisters and brothers will live a life modeled on that already lived in many Orthodox communities and parishes in Europe and is here offered for the first time in North America.

The brothers and sisters of mercy will have their own distinctive dress whilst serving the poor and marginalized of the inner city – the so-called 4th World - and their own typicon, or rule of life.

For more information, see the Brothers / Sisters of Mercy section of this website.

Inquiries/interest should be sent to livedtheologyschool@yahoo.ca for the attention of Dn Pawel. For newcomers to the Mission an extended visit to St John's will be required as part of the assessment process.