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News Archives - 2013

Welcome to our new website. We hope that the new site will be more useful in terms of the information offered and more current than our old site. For those of you who knew the old site some important changes in terminology will be obvious: interns become "Lay Missionaries" etc. These are not simply cosmetic changes but better reflect what LTS is all about.

The Lived Theology School (LTS) at St John the Compassionate Mission has been receiving Lay Missionaries for the past few years. We now, in response to requests, wish to take this experience a step forward and to provide opportunities for those who wish to serve the Church and the poor as Brothers/Sisters of Mercy.

Divine Compassion Conference

Fr Roberto Ubertino, the dean of the Lived Theology School, is the keynote speaker at an upcoming conference (in November) of St Catherine's Vision, a Pan-Orthodox organization of theologians and lay leaders.

Seminarians at St John the Compassionate Mission

During the fourth week of the Great Fast (April 9-15, 2013), eight seminarians from Christ the Saviour Seminary in Johnstown, PA, accompanied by the Very Rev Jonathan Tobias, made a week-long pilgrimage and immersed themselves in the life of St John the Compassionate Mission.