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Welcome to our new website. We hope that the new site will be more useful in terms of the information offered and more current than our old site. For those of you who knew the old site some important changes in terminology will be obvious: interns become "Lay Missionaries" etc. These are not simply cosmetic changes but better reflect what LTS is all about.

The Lived Theology School (LTS) at St John the Compassionate Mission has been receiving Lay Missionaries for the past few years. We now, in response to requests, wish to take this experience a step forward and to provide opportunities for those who wish to serve the Church and the poor as Brothers/Sisters of Mercy.

Divine Compassion Conference

Fr Roberto Ubertino, the dean of the Lived Theology School, is the keynote speaker at an upcoming conference (in November) of St Catherine's Vision, a Pan-Orthodox organization of theologians and lay leaders.

Seminarians at St John the Compassionate Mission

During the fourth week of the Great Fast (April 9-15, 2013), eight seminarians from Christ the Saviour Seminary in Johnstown, PA, accompanied by the Very Rev Jonathan Tobias, made a week-long pilgrimage and immersed themselves in the life of St John the Compassionate Mission.

Fr Roberto (left), Presbytera Maria, Fr Thomas (right)

Fr Thomas visited from November 9 to 11 and lectured on "Christ and the Poor - Why Not?" for the Bridges session on Wednesday night and joined others for breakfast on Friday morning.

He then preached during our 25th Vespers for St John's Feast Day later that day.

Pictured: Fr Roberto (left), Presbytera Maria, Fr Thomas (right)

OISM Meeting

For the first time in several decades, Christ the Saviour Seminary in Johnstown, PA hosted a meeting of the Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement (OISM).

Archbishop Lazar

Archbishop Lazar, from the Canadian Orthodox Monastery of All Saints of North America (OCA, Archdiocese of Canada) came to visit the Mission on Thursday March 25, 2010 and share his experience in living with drug addicts in British Columbia.

Metropolitan Nikitas

Metropolitan Nikitas from the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA came to visit the Mission on Saturday March 6, 2010 and discussed our Lived Theology School Program.

Metropolitan Nikitas challenged us to have courage to live the faith practically and not just in words.

Second Saturday Seminar with Prof. Mary Marrocco

Healing and Wholeness in St. Mary of Egypt and the Early Fathers

One of Mary Marrocco's favorite subjects to study and discuss is the Patristic texts, that is, the writings of the early church fathers and mothers. She brought with her texts of St. Irenaeus of Lyons and St. Gregory of Nyssa's "Life of Macrina", his work on his sister Macrina.

St Mary of Egypt Refuge Hosts Breathlines Retreat

"You'd better stop at Tim Horton's on the way. It's tradition."

This is the warning I received from the whole van of retreat-ers as we barreled down the Don Valley Parkway on our way to St. Mary of Egypt Refuge. They then discussed what action they would take, should I choose to ignore the warning. Five minutes later, all but one were asleep and softly snoring.

First Saturday Seminar with John Kapsalis

A Saturday Seminar was held at Lourmel House of the Lived Theology School on Saturday, Nov 28. There were 8 people in attendance including the students and others involved in various ways with the school and St. John the Compassionate Mission.

St Silouan Retreat

LTS students were involved in a retreat at St. Mary of Egypt Refuge on October 23-25, 2009. The students, along with other participants from around Ontario, were treated to a meditation on the life and teachings of St. Silouan the Anthonite by Paul Ladouceur – professor at Sherbrooke University, author and lecturer.

LTS New School Year Begins

Meet our new students, Michael and Naomi.

LTS opened its doors to our first students from Western Canada. Very quickly they have settled in to a routine of prayer, service, study and community life. A series of theological workshops have been setup and will be made available to outside students and others who are interested. No day seems to be the same and there seems to be no time to get bored.

Patriarch Bartholomew

"We must always draw life from the liturgy of our Church; and at the same time, we cannot forget to respond to the needs of our neighbour, especially during these difficult times in our world. The Church becomes the Church when it identifies with the most vulnerable."