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Lived Theology School Staff

Honorary President: His Grace Bishop Gregory of Nyssa


Dean: Very Reverend Fr Roberto Ubertino

Founder and Executive Director of St John the Compassionate Mission. For the past 27 years Fr Roberto has served the poor and marginalized of Toronto. Parish priest of St Silouan’s. Teaches regularly at the Mission’s “Bridges” program.

Prefect: Deacon Pawel Mucha

Formerly a teacher and lecturer in Britain and in Eastern Europe. Came to Canada in 2007 to serve at St John the Compassionate Mission.

Dr Mary Marrocco

Associate secretary for the Canadian Council of Churches. She is also a teacher, writer and lay pastoral worker. She teaches at St Augustine's Seminary in Toronto, is the Director of St Mary of Egypt Refuge and is a family therapist with St Macrina Family Counselling Service. Her area of special interest is the lives and writings of the saints, spiritual writers and theologians‚ and how they relate to contemporary life.

Fr Stephane Bigham

In charge of the Sherbrooke University Orthodox Theological Education in Quebec. Lecturer, author and translator.

Professor Paul Ladouceur

Professor at Sherbrooke University and author and lecturer on the life of St Maria of Paris. Runs the very informative Pages de Tranfiguration French language website.

Dr John Kapsalis

Teaches on the New Testament at the Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy.

Very Reverend Fr Jonathan Tobias

Pastor of St John the Baptist Orthodox Church in East Pittsburgh, PA. Professor of Dogmatic Theology and Ethics at Christ the Saviour Seminary. Columnist for The Church Messenger. Emphasis upon the Apostolic gospel of Trinitarian peace and beauty in contrast to the modern narrative of violent domination.