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Lived Theology School

“We intend to establish a school of service of the Lord...”
(prologue of Rule of St Benedict)

The Lived Theology School of St Maria of Paris seeks to follow in the example and footsteps of St Maria herself in giving the opportunity of living a life of service to the poor and marginalized in our local communities. It is a “school of service”. It is not an accredited academic school and offers no degrees or other formal qualifications.

The Aim of the St Maria of Paris Lived Theology School (LTS)

The aim of LTS is give the opportunity to lay persons of serving as Lay Missionaries for a definite period of time in our “school of service of the Lord”. As Orthodox Lay Missionaries they will:

  • serve with others in the pastoral care of those who come to the Mission.

  • participate fully in the liturgical life of the Mission and its Mission parish

  • participate in theological reflection designed to deepen their understanding of Orthodox lay missionary service

  • they will live in community with others in the service of the Mission

The aim is to provide an time of real service that additionally will form and train the Lay Missionaries in both the theological and practical understanding of Orthodox mission. The period of service will therefore include a balance between pastoral ministry/service, theological reflection, spiritual/liturgical life and a life lived in community.

For whom is the Lay Missionary program intended?

The program will be open to any Orthodox Christian over the age of 18, male or female, who wishes to serve the poor and further develop their own skills and knowledge for engaging in city mission. References from the individual's parish priest and other recognized persons will be required.

Special consideration will be given to applications from any person prepared to be fully immersed in the life of an Orthodox Mission.

To whom will the Lay Missionary program appeal?

The program is likely to appeal to a wide range of persons including:

  • lay persons who take their faith seriously and who wish to apply their faith to the reality of the modern world.

  • those who desire to go deeper in their faith

  • those who have completed theological studies, including candidates for ordination

  • those seeking pastoral experience

  • those seeking a period of discernment