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Lay Missionary Service

Who can be a Lay Missionary with the Lived Theology School?

Any adult Orthodox Christian of any age. Special consideration will be given to applications from any person prepared to be fully immersed in the life of an Orthodox Mission.

Types and Length of Serviceships

There are 3 types of Lay Missionary Service (LMS):

  1. Full- time long term LMS
  2. Short-term LMS
  3. Non-resident LMS

1. A Full LMS will normally last for one year. A whole year LMS permits the Lay Missionary to experience all the “seasons” of inner-city mission service as the needs and opportunities and demands vary throughout the year and to live this in the fullness of the Church's liturgical year.

2. Short-term LMS is intended for those who are able to come only for shorter periods of time e.g. during summer or other vacations. You will experience all aspects of the Lay Missionary Program during your time with LTS.

3. Non-resident Part-time LMS is intended for those who live in the Greater Toronto Area who wish to participate in the LMS Program. The extent of participation will be by mutual agreement.

Cost: The cost will be $4,200 (Canadian) per year ($350 per month). Lay Missionaries will either pay this amount personally or seek sponsorship. We encourage candidates to seek sponsorship from their parish, family and friends.

Accommodation: Accommodation and board will be provided by the Mission and is included in the total cost.

Insurance: Lay Missionaries will be expected to provide their own medical insurance.

Travel: Lay Missionaries will pay their own travel to and from Toronto.


Inner-city mission service needs a real commitment on your part. We do ask that during your internship you accept the need to be at the Mission at certain times. The Celtic monks who left their homelands to serve as missionaries called this service “Green Martydom” - leaving behind your own family and home to become part of a new family in a new home. Mission means the same today whether you serve in your own country or abroad.

Full LMS: These times include the Christmas Fast and Christmas itself (December 25th) and also the whole of Great Lent and Pascha.

Short-term LMS: you should expect to involve yourself fully in the Lay Missionary program whilst at the Lived Theology School.

Still Interested?

Then send us an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Prefect of the School, Deacon Pawel Mucha.