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Lay Missionary Formation

“Thus says the Lord who made you
And formed you from the womb, who will help you..”

(Isaiah 44)

What is “formation”? - simply put, a way to grow. Formation at the Lived Theology School comes in different ways.

Life and theology formation

  • by living the Gospel at the Mission
  • by serving the poor at the Mission
  • by living the theology of the Fathers of the Church
  • by being taught by the poor in the spirit of St John the Merciful (“the poor our masters”)
  • by living and praying the liturgy of the Church
  • by reflection and study through the modular courses of the Lived Theology School

Spiritual formation through

  • prayer (personal and communal)
  • lectio divina,
  • participation in the full liturgical life of the church
  • through participation in the sacraments of the Church
  • through regular retreats
  • through regular talks (“Bridges”) given at the Mission

Practical Formation

  • orientation on the Mission buildings
  • learning about how the Mission serves the poor and marginalized
  • knowing and participation in the daily and weekly life of the Mission etc
  • becoming part of the community of the Mission and the parish

Theological Formation – through a process of theological reflection

  • days of reflection and study (normally weekly)
  • formal teaching sessions
  • written and oral reflections
  • developing understanding and knowledge of specifically Orthodox mission
  • listening to others, especially the poor
  • sharing one's growing understanding of Orthodox mission with others
  • being open to learn and to grow

Discernment Formation – this is the process by which one

  • hears the Word of God as it applies to you
  • realizes how you are being called to serve the Church and the poor
  • grows in your personal relationship with God
  • takes time and prayer to decide on the future of your own life