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Brothers / Sisters of Mercy Typikon

The purpose of this typikon is to establish the basis of the life of diakonia (service) and prayer of the Brothers/Sisters of Mercy based on faithfulness to the four foundational aspects of the Lived Theology School:

  • diakonia (service)
  • liturgy
  • theological reflection
  • community

Each of these four aspects require a certain synergy (co-operation) in order for each Brother or Sister of Mercy to dedicate themselves as fully as possible at St John's. This typikon, therefore, seeks to maintain a balanced life for the duration of the period of sevice. It has become clear, from past experience, that it is necessary to ensure that each aspect of the program needs to have its rightful place in an orderly way.

The life of a Sister/Brother of Mercy is without doubt demanding, physically, mentally and even emotionally. The typikon therefore exists to assist them in living the life of the Mission and LTS.

There are many intern programs but the life of the Brothers/Sisters of Mercy differs inasmuch as a strong emphasis is placed on a life of prayer and of diakonia (service); and therefore there are clear guidelines on this aspect of the program. What the typikon seeks to do is to cover adequately not only the four key elements above but also a generally balanced Christian life that includes a sound spiritual and also personal life including times for re-creation and fellowship whilst defending the core of the LTS program. To be a disciple requires discipline. The life of a Sister/Brother of Mercy is also based on a proper obedience according to the “taxis” (order) of the Church. This is not a monastic obedience but the acceptance that one is dedicating the whole of one's life to the service of the Church during the time as a Brother/Sister of Mercy and that this requires acceptance of obedience to the Pastor of the community of St John the Compassionate Mission and those assigned by him.

The following chapters are given in no particular order of preference as each blends into the other.

Weekly Cycle

Each week will contain the following elements:

  • day to day diakonia (service) at the Mission
  • personal daily rule of prayer as agreed with the Dean of LTS (Fr Foberto)
  • assigned theological reading/reflection
  • communal morning and evening prayer
  • involvement in life of St Silouan parish
  • liturgy at Mission
  • communal meals (at Mission and Lourmel)
  • regular sleep!
  • Brothers/Sisters will keep a weekly log of their experience of their service that will form the basis of a communal reflection of the same with the Prefect/Dean of LTS
  • weekly “Desert Day”; a day free from the daily diakonia (service) for the Mission. The form of this day to be decided on a personal basis with Fr Roberto.

Daily Cycle

This will vary during the year according to the needs and programs of the Mission. What is given below should be regarded as a “rough guide” for the majority of the year. During the winter months it may change markedly, particularly due to the early morning winter breakfast program (Monday to Friday 6am to 9am).


  • 8.30am matins/orthros at the Mission
  • 10.00am Holy Liturgy
  • parish assigment e.g. “Phos” (Sunday school)/junior catechism
  • 12 noon agape meal
  • afternoon free time
  • 6pm community meal at Lourmel (followed by community meeting)
  • 10pm communal prayers at Lourmel

Monday: Desert Day (rest and prayer)

  • as agreed/assigned with Fr Roberto
  • 10pm communal prayers at Lourmel

Tuesday: Diakonia Day

  • 9am morning prayers at Lourmel
  • assigned diakonia for the Mission
  • communal evening meal at Lourmel
  • 10pm communal prayers at Lourmel

Wednesday: Diakonia Day

  • morning prayers at Lourmel
  • diakonia at/for Mission
  • 11.45 6th Hour at Mission
  • 12 noon lunch at/for Mission
  • pm diakonia at/for Mission
  • 2pm communal tea at Mission
  • 4pm lead “Mission” vespers
  • 4.30pm community meal at Mission
  • 6.55pm “Bridges” (or service during fast periods) at Mission
  • 8.30pm Compline at Mission
  • 10pm communal prayers at Mission

Thursday: Diakonia Day

  • 9am communal prayers at Lourmel
  • diakonia at Mission to 4pm
  • 10pm communal prayers at Lourmel

Friday: Diakonia Day

  • rise 6am
  • 6.45am matins/orthros at Mission
  • 10am communal tea at Mission
  • assigned diakonia
  • 11.45am 6th Hour
  • 12 noon lunch
  • 2pm communal tea at Mission
  • 2.30 to 4pm assigned diakonia
  • 7pm during fast periods; evening service at Mission
  • 10pm communal prayers at Lourmel

Saturday: half Diakonia Day at the Mission

  • 9am communal prayers at Lourmel
  • 10am to 2pm serve at Mission (12 noon – 6th Hour)
  • preparation of chapel for services
  • 6pm Vespers at Mission
  • 10pm communal prayers at Lourmel

Annual Cycle

  • the Liturgical year of the Church
  • retreats (3 during the year)
  • seminars as arranged
  • “rest” time as agreed (excludes Christmas and Great Lent/Pascha)
  • Mission summer pattern
  • Mission winter pattern (much heavier)

Spiritual/Liturgical Life of Sisters/Brothers of Mercy

  • Fr Roberto shall be the regular confessor for each Sister/Brother
  • frequency of confession as per individual's normal practice
  • diocesan frequency is 4-6 weeks for those receiving Communion weekly
  • shall to all intent and purpose regard themselves as members of St Silouan parish during his/her service
  • are expected to attend all services of the Mission and the parish
  • will grow towards taking a leadership role in Mission services
  • will share in the care of the chapel
  • shall have morning and evening prayers together daily
  • ensure a disciplined use of time, especially on weekdays

Theological Reflection

An integral part of the program:

  • weekly with the Dean of LTS (Fr Roberto)
  • “Bridges” on Wednesday evenings (see www.stsilouan.org)
  • other: as agreed with the Dean of LTS

Regular, even daily, spritual and other reading should become part of one's routine.

Community Life of Brothers/Sisters of Mercy

  • shall live as part of the household at Lourmel (the Mission's community house)
  • shall share fully in the life of Lourmel
  • shall take with the Lay Missionaries of LTS a leading role in the prayer life of Lourmel
  • shall undertake such household tasks as agreed with the House Mother of Lourmel
  • shall participate fully in the life of the community of St John the Compassionate Mission both at 155 Broadview Avenue and elsewhere